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Matariki Online Swiss Pairs at Wellington Club

Matariki Online Swiss Pairs 

Click on the link above for details of the Matariki Swiss Pairs  be held on Monday nights July.

Wellington Congress Photos

Nan Wehipeihana in "Taking Photos" Mode

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Regional Championship Finals

Finals for the Regional Championships  will be held at Wellington Bridge Club between 30th November and 2nd December.

Click  Championship Final  forTimetable for Regional Championship Finals

All enquiries and correspondence  to [email protected]



Youth Bridge Lessons at Victoria Bridge Club

Youth Bridge Lessons at Victoria Bridge Club

Alan Grant and Barbara Tumilowicz run Youth Bridge Lessons every Sunday from 2.00 to 4.00 at Victoria Bridge Club 

Suitable age  10 plus

Everyone welcome

Results of the Wellington Region Teams Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th June

Interview with the Bridge Zone


Barry Jones and Mereana Cullen from The Bridge Zone recently invited Bridge Region Committees to  let them know what is happening in their Regions

Katherine Gough on behalf ot the Wellington Region spoke to them. The Interview was played over two separate episodes of the Bridge Zone.

The Bridge Zone Interview First Episode of the Wellington Region Interview

The Bridge Zone Interview  Second episode of the Wellington Region Interview

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